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7 Surprising Facts About Fun Factory Indoor PlayArea Safety
Fun is the main objective behind most people’s leisure activities. Most people enjoy leisure by spending time at amusement parks. These parks offer many rides, games and other entertainment options to suit everyone’s tastes. However, amusement parks are more than just a place to have fun- they are a place to learn safety skills and make good decisions. As you experience the rides, you’ll gain valuable life skills that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. Safety first! When visiting an amusement park, you must always keep your safety in mind and follow the rules of common sense. In this blog, you will learn how Fun Factory Park has left no stone unturned in creating the safest play area for your kids and families.
All the rides at the Fun Factory play area are built by the world’s top manufacturers
All the rides are built by top ride manufacturers worldwide, ensuring there is no room left for flaws, and no compromise is taken on the quality. Instead, the rides went through various pressure and stress tests and were inspected by world-class safety inspectors.
All our rides and facilities are licenced and are thoroughly inspected annually
We have regular maintenance and inspection sessions by professionals ensuring that the safety standards are well-maintained for our visitors around the year. Once a ride passes all stages of the tests and inspections, it is then only added to the fun family of our indoor play area for our beloved customers.
We make sure to check all the rides and play area zones for safety and cleanliness daily
We have the most efficient maintenance and keeping staff to inspect and check each zone, ride,and facility daily before the Fun Factory Park opens up for the public. This includes checking at various intervals each element, restains systems, rides components and structures, the control systems and many more details. In addition, our mechanics ensure each facility’s proper working and safety every morning, conduct detailed operational tests, and are present 24/7 to address any on-site issues.
The only indoor play area offering state-of-the-art technology
Most rides and facilities are equipped with computerized control systems that monitor crucial conditions such as speed conditions, brake settings, pneumatics and/or hydraulics, passenger restraint systems, and other systems related to safe operations. Suppose there is a scenario ofan unforeseen event. In that case, the ride will stop safely, and our on-spot operations personnel will contact maintenance to resolve the issue. A supervisor, electrician and mechanic will be dispatched to diagnose the problem. However, this is not a malfunction but a safety
All our ride operators and inspectors are well-trained
Each member of the maintenance team despite of what role they have, whether they are mechanics, inspectors, safety guides, monitors or supervisors, the entire team of world-classprofessionals is certified by legit institutes to be safe operators, and every associate is highly trained and certified at every position they work in the Fun Factory park.
Safe evacuation procedures
Every ride and play area zone has a foolproof plan for the safe evacuation of visitors and people present at the spot. As mock evacuations are an important part of our training process,we perform regular drills based on hypothetical scenarios to make sure we always have a plan of action in case of emergency, as keeping everybody safe is the biggest joy we love to celebrate with you.
We take care of the indoor play area even when the park is closed

Even on the days when the park is closed, our mechanics, technicians and maintenance staff makes sure that the play area is inspected regularly and the staff takes proper care of dismantling and cleaning.

If you’re looking for an exciting fun time with your family, a trip to our mind-blowing indoor play area should be at the top of your list. A big part of the appeal of Fun Factory is that you can enjoy the blood-pounding rides without actually putting yourself in danger. Our rides and facilities are thoroughly tested and inspected, and our operators undergo extensive training to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, like any large public facility, amusement park safety requires attention on the part of guests. It may surprise you, but about 70% of all vehicle injuries are caused by driver error. It is imparitive that you take an active part in enjoying the park safely.

This leads to many happy, repeat visits with your kids and make it one of the most fun ways to
spend time together.