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The World’s Most Magical Fantasy Area
This is the charismatic zone of endless joy and adventure, making your fantasies come to real life. Leave the boring world behind and explore the most spectacular attractions. We have thrilling rides for kids and the most iconic Augmented Wall. This classic Fantasy Land is created with the most-loved kiddie rides, tonnes of fun and adventure.
Most Beloved Kiddie Rides
Fascinations are all around you when you are here in the most iconic Fantasy Land. The astounding rides for kids are going to blow your mind as you embark on this incredible journey of fun.
Beach Safari
Who wants a discovery ride full of splashes and exotic vibes? The Beach Safari is jam-packed with excitement and adventure, hop in one of the miniature cars, and you are all set to explore fun!
Circus Train
The circus train is genuinely eye-catching and has many young fans. This is probably one the most favourite kiddie rides and gets the maximum attention from our little prestigious guests.
Air Hockey
This is the best time to enjoy an ultimate air hockey challenge with your friends and other members. Haven’t you tried it yet? This is one of the most iconic arcade games in the past decades and is highly popular nowadays, and only we provide the perfect vibe to heighten the craze.
Chart a Course of High Fantasy on the Best Rides For Kids