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Welcome to the Dark City
Buckle up for a bumpy ride on the dodgem cars and fasten your seat belt as you experience the most thrilling motion rides. Are you brave enough to challenge yourself and your friends to share the jaw-dropping roller coaster in Lahore? It sounds like you are ready for the ultimate fun and the magnificent Pirate Ship ride waiting for you.
Dodgem Cars
The dodgem cars are classic fun that nobody can resist. It’s time to challenge your friends and family and see who will bump into more people. Call it your bumping or driving skills; we are ready to get surprised. Dark City is made to fulfil your heart’s wildest desires, so get behind the wheel and enjoy the crazy fun of dodging cars.
Storm Racer G Deluxe
Level up your gaming skills by winning the storm racer. Beat your friends and be the new champion of the Dark City.
AHOY! The famous red and black neckties, the broad hat and the eye patches with the skull, you are guessing it right! It's time to indulge in the treasure-hunting joy of piracy. Climb the Pirate Ship ride and surprise yourself with this unforgettable voyage’s epic spins and storms. ARGH! Don’t be late, mates; visit now.
This is between you and the thunder God ‘Thor’. Anyone who picks up the mighty hammer and hits the point with tremendous force becomes the hero. You might be the next.
Roller Coaster
You can only enjoy the best roller coaster in Lahore at the Dark City Fun Factory Park. Discover the limits of thrills as the crazy ride turns and whirls. Board only if you can handle the excellent speed dash.
Dragon Punch
this is one of the most exciting punch games for you to play along with other tough competitors. You must keep your guard and hand out the most powerful punch to beat opponents.
Air Hockey
This is the best time to enjoy an ultimate air hockey challenge with your friends and other members. Haven’t you tried it yet? This is one of the most iconic arcade games in the past decades and is highly popular nowadays, and only we provide the perfect vibe to heighten the craze.
Target Bravo
No time to restore peace as you enjoy over-the-top boss battles against your friends and pro players! As you proceed in the game, you will face various levels and situations, so make sure you come prepared.
Lane Master
The perfect arcade game will spark super competitive moments while you are playing against your challenger. No multi-player arcade games could beat the fun while bowling against your friends.
Magic Bikes
This is between you and the thunder God ‘Thor’. Anyone who picks up the mighty hammer and hits the point with tremendous force becomes the hero. You might be the next.
Gridiron Blitz
Looking for a high-energy, fast-paced game that keeps you moving? This is the most interactive football-themed gameplay in the most entertaining arcade zone.
Rider Safety Information
  • Riders will experience strong movements and side-to-side hits on the dodgem cars with rapid forces and changing directions.
  • The riders must fasten their seat belts and straps on all motion rides.
  • Guests with external stabilizers such as cervical collars and other
    orthoses are not permitted.
  • Please wait for your turn while entering and exiting.
  • Please use caution.