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Fun Factory is one of the largest theme parks in Lahore and is popularly known for its unforgettable amusement attractions. There is something fun for everybody at the Fun Factory Emporium Mall. The family-friendly Emporium play area is jam-packed with glimmering lights and sounds, loaded entertainment, and unique activities and events.
Welcome to the Grand Carnival
The Carnival provides the best arcade games experience like no other place! We are the ultimate gaming zone in Lahore, with countless games running up throughout. Unlike random arcade zones in town, we offer some unique experiences that can only be enjoyed at Fun Factory Park.
A Dance Between Illusion and Reality
Dare to Defy Reality: Enter the House of Illusions
Get ready to embark on a mind-bending adventure unlike anything you've ever experienced. The House of Illusions, a brand new section at Fun Factory Park, is opening its doors to warp your perceptions and ignite your imagination. Step inside and prepare to be dazzled, disoriented, and utterly delighted! Are you ready for an even bigger, better, more fascinating adventure? Dive deep into our attractions that will trick your confidence in your senses but leave you amazed.
Enjoy the Circus Full On
Best Play Area for Kids, Build to Amaze
From big amazements to little thrills, the Circus at the Fun Factory Park has all kinds of adventures and fun that your kids are looking for. They can ride on the signature Horse Carousel, dive into the Soft Play Area for kids and enjoy the spectacular Star Dance. There is more to it! A Ball Pool for kids along with the craziest Trampoline.
Never too Old for Emporium Express!
You can be the conductor of your fantasy Emporium Express as it rolls through the Emporium Mall. Slowly moving around the mega-mall, you could enjoy and explore various outlets and eateries on your way and have a unique exploration of the entire space.
The World’s Most Magical Fantasy Area
This is the charismatic zone of endless joy and adventure, making your fantasies come to real life. Leave the boring world behind and explore the most spectacular attractions. We have thrilling rides for kids and the most iconic Augmented Wall. This classic Fantasy Landis created with the most-loved kiddie rides, tonnes of fun and adventure.
The Frisky Fun Village
Have you ever been to a village full of happiness, charm and amazement? We have the perfect playhouse for kids, with the most spectacular playhouse offering all the fun your child needs.Our play house for kids is flawlessly designed to be safe and comfortable. Watch your children play, have the best day at the Fun Factory, and feel like a child again.
The Intense Experience of Dino Theme Park Only at FF
Watch Out the Wild at the Lost Jungle
Step into the newly discovered 70 billion years old Lost Jungle at the Fun Factory Park. We have the biggest surprise with the unique specie of ride that will leave you in a trance of visiting a world-class Jurassic World theme park. RUN! RUN! As the gigantic animatronics dinosaur is coming your way with its sharp incisors and horrific claws.
Omni Arena with Unbelievable Dimensions
Omni Area is a designated zone that is getting rapidly popular in town due to its unbelievable VR action. We know the hiking VR games price in Pakistan, and you don’t need to spend bucks on them when you have the most demanded 3D virtual reality games only at the Fun Factory.
Dark City - Home to Motion Rides & Dodgem Cars
Buckle up for a bumpy ride on the dodgem cars and fasten your seat belt as you experience the most thrilling motion rides. Are you brave enough to challenge yourself and your friends to share the jaw-dropping roller coaster in Lahore?
Welcome to Fun Factory Toy Shop - Stuffed Toys for Every Age
Pakistan’s Coolest Place for Soft Toys & Plushies
Hiya! It’so nice to see you all. Welcome to your cuddle paradise - the Fun Factory Toy Shop, all loaded with the world’s best stuffed toys in Pakistan. We are located in the heart of Emporium Mall and sell world-class plushies for all ages for your most precious little one and yourself.