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Swipe, Enjoy, Repeat!
Get Your Fun Factory Card
To have a blast of fun, a rechargeable Fun Factory Card is all you need to get going. We have the best packages and perks; owning your own card can let you enjoy endless fun card games, take rounds on your favourite rides, and redeem surprising gifts and prizes. Cash is so old school now; time to look fabulous with your Fun Factory Card!
We Offer the Lowest Gaming Card Price
Get your rechargeable, fun-loaded fun card at the Fun Factory Park and get access to epic attractions, rides and fun card games. The coolest thing about this is that you enjoy your favourite 3D, arcade and multiplayer games at the lowest gaming card price. The fun card is available in the following denominations

Deal 1

Fun Card Reacharge worth Rs.1500 ( Enjoy an instant bonus of Rs.200)

Deal 2

Fun Card Reacharge worth Rs.3000 ( Enjoy an instant bonus of Rs.500)

Deal 3

Fun Card Reacharge worth Rs.5000 ( Enjoy an instant bonus of Rs.2000)

The minimum Recharge limit is  Rs. 500.

Fun Factory Card Benefits & Perks

Getting the fun card is the ultimate way to experience everything more that the indoor amusement park offers, including featured rides, virtual reality games, unique attractions, exclusive access to play zones, discounts and FREE BONUS CREDIT! Be smart and save huge money on everything you love at the Fun Factory.

More Thrills & Fun In Less Price!