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Fun Factory Park School Trip Packages

Hey Y’all! We are extremely happy to see you choose us to light up all the missing thrill and fun in your life. Smiles go even longer, and memories become richer when you spend great days with your school fellows and friends. Do you know what a great idea is to maximize the laughs and chatters? Select our awesome school trip packages and spend a MINIMUM PRICE on all the fun places for kids.
Choose Among these Fun-loaded School Trip Packages
Broonze Package

Rs 400

50+ Games 17 Rides & XD Ride
  • The Lost Jungle at 50% off.
  • Simulator (Boeing 777) can be played at 50% off
  • The soft play area can be played on 50% off
Silver Package

Rs 550

50+ Games 18 XD Ride & Simulator (Motion Ride)
  • The Lost Jungle at 50% off.
  • Soft play area can be played at 50% off
Golden Package

Rs 800

50+ Games 18 XD Ride & Simulator (Motion Ride)

Soft Play

  • Soft play area (1 hour)
  • The Lost Jungle
Want more significant offers while you visit us? Keep a firm eye on our unique offer listings. We at Fun Factory aim to provide the best quality experience at a minimum cost expanse, and we live for it. Hope to see you there real soon!

What’s More?

Fun Factory Park is a massive destination with wide-ranging fun activities, rides and games for kids. By selecting our school trip packages, you unlock the ultimate access to spread out to the most extensive indoor play area for kids.