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Enjoy the Circus Full On

Best Play Area for Kids, Build to Amaze

Hiya Juniors & Parents! Its time to sing along

The circus clown likes to shake your hand..

The circus clown loves to play in the band…

The funny clown plays morning till the dark

The best circus is only at Fun Factory Park!

From big amazements to little thrills, the Circus at the Fun Factory Park has all kinds of adventures and fun that your kids are looking for. They can ride on the signature Horse Carousel, dive into the Soft Play Area for kids and enjoy the spectacular Star Dance. There is more to it! A Ball Pool for kids along with the craziest Trampoline.

Experiences & Rides

Join other tiny members at your favourite play area for kids and explore the most happening Circus in town. Enjoy the drops, twists and turn at the cosiest attractions for minors and kids.

Ball Pool for Kids

Swim with colourful balls, enjoy the softball fight or just keep looking for your pal in the ball pool; enjoy it the way you like it. The ball pool for kids is carefully designed to ensure the juniors make some colourful memories and enjoy the safest play ever.

Trampoline for Kids

Get ready to battle it out with your friends as we have the most starling trampoline for kids in our Circus. Let’s see how good you are at maintaining your balance and strength because our trampoline will challenge your agility a big time. Dive in!

Horse Carousel

Climb onto the carved stationary horses; you might even get to ride the lead horse or sit back in the beautiful chariots. This horse carousel will take you to the old times of kings and queens as you enjoy this mesmerizing ride.

Star Dancer Ride

Pur your cool shades on and wear the biggest smile, LIKE THAT! Ready for a unique adventure? The Star Dancer Ride zooms along a circular path, making it a complete package of fun, happiness and joy.

Hurry Up! Join Us at the
Circus. Its Pure Fun to Clown Around.